Love Call Me Home – CD

After seven years, hundreds of bedside sings and blessed connections with families in our community, Hallowell continues to grow in voice and spirit. LOVE CALL ME HOME is the expression of our practice, a practice that has evolved to include acceptance of what is before us and a practice of knowing how to be fully present in the face of the mystery of death.

This practice of bedside singing serves on many levels. It offers comfort to the dying, and to the families, caregivers and friends of the dying. It helps to celebrate a life at the end of life. For the singers, the practice offers opportunities to explore our personal relationships and responses to death, reminding us again and again of the “Joy of Living.” We have learned how to enter the sacred space of the dying with no expectations, a clear mind and a song in our heart. The growing number of hospice choirs forming across the country is testimony to the shifting and softening cultural lens about death and dying from one of tragedy and hopelessness to one of celebration as a natural part of our life experience.

Whether you use these songs to build your repertoire as a hospice choir or to help guide you on your own personal journey with death, we hope the songs will bring you comfort and acceptance; that they will help you to be present when a loved one is dying to this world.

May you be surrounded by love, tended by friends and family and anointed by song when you, or a loved one, are called “Home.” “Life tend me on my journey, Love call me home.”

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  1. Love Call Me Home
  2. Durme
  3. Blessed Quietness
  4. We’ll Camp a Little While
  5. Angel Band
  6. Balm in Gilead
  7. Sweet is the Day
  8. Africa
  9. Joy of Living
  10. No one Stands Alone
  11. Ishe
  12. Over the Rainbow
  13. The Thing That Makes You Beautiful
  14. I know Moonlight
  15. The Lor’ds my Shepherd
  16. Tebe Poem
  17. There’s a light
  18. Ruka
  19. Crossing
  20. Parting Glass
  21. What a Wonderful