Angels Hovering Round – CD

Angels Hovering Round is a recording of eighteen healing, calming and uplifting songs from all over the world.

Cost: $15.00 + 4.00 Shipping

  1. Hallowell
  2. Plovi Barko
  3. By the Waters of Babylon
  4. I Still Have Joy
  5. Thuma Mina
  6. I Will Guide Thee
  7. Reconciliation
  8. I’ll Fly Away
  9. Down to the Valley to Pray
  10. If Ye Love Me
  11. Khvalitye Imya Ghospodnye
  12. O Sing to me of Heaven
  13. Onawa’s Waltz
  14. New Jerusalem
  15. Bid You Goodnight
  16. Angels Hovering Round
  17. How Could Anyone Ever Tell You
  18. Gaelic Blessing words traditional Irish

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