First Thursday Sings

The first Thursday of every month, Hallowell sends small groups of singers out into the community to sing for anyone who might like a visit. There may be from one to four small groups of singers, each with two qualified leaders, available for sings.

These monthly sings are organized ahead of time and are available for anyone who could benefit from the joy and spirit the singers bring. We sing for a variety of clients on First Thursdays. Often we will revisit families who have a loved one at home or in an area nursing home who may be bedridden or shut-in and housebound.

We often sing for people who are in BAH’s Early Care Program or have recently signed on for hospice care, but are fully alive, not yet in the active stages of dying. To these sings we often bring songs of joy and spirit as well as songs to quiet the soul and bring comfort to the listeners.

Anyone is invited to request a “Thursday Sing” ahead of time. We keep an active list of clients and people to visit. We welcome and accept new calls every month.

There are three ways to request a sing from Hallowell:

  • CALL Brattleboro Area Hospice
    • 802-257-0775
    • Anyone there will be able to help you.
    • OR…You can specifically ask for Ryan Murphy or Cheryl Richards, Patient Care Coordinators.
  • CALL Kathy Leo, Hallowell coordinator directly
    • 802-463-4563 home
    • 802-258-1388 cell