Hallowell Choir in the News:

Hallowell Conference Highlights the Benefits of Bedsinging

Click here to view an article and short video that appeared in the Kennebeck Journal and the Maine Sunday Telegram.  

Living and Dying Episode 8: the Hallowell Singers

Click here to view Richard Ewald’s interview with four of the Hallowell singers…

Peace in Harmony

Brattleboro (VT) Reformer
February 19, 2005

Photos by Jason R. Henske
Story by Howard Weiss-Tisman, Reformer Staff

DUMMERSTON On a freezing cold afternoon recently, a small group of men and women met outside the home of Conrad Wilson.

Wilson, 84, lay inside the house on a hospital bed, dying of lung cancer.

The group calls itself Hallowell, and they came out to Wilson’s rambling farm house to sing for him and for his family.

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Songs For Life’s Journeys

Hallowell Hospice Choir, Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem celebrate musical kinship with concert

By JON POTTER / Reformer Staff
Posted:   11/08/2012 03:00:00 AM EST

Thursday November 8, 2012
BRATTLEBORO — Peter Amidon had a simple request for 30 or so singers he was leading in song one recent Sunday afternoon.

“Let’s make that the most beautiful chord in the world,” he said.

And sure enough, they did.

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Living in a World of Cycles

“We’ll be talking about birth and death practices, and how in the natural cycles of life, everything is born and dies – including us.”

To listen to the Green Visions 2009 interview with Kathy Leo, click here:  Birth and Death Practices: Living in a World of Cycles

Singing Group a Comfort to Those in Hospice Care

We invite you to listen to this July 2006 interview – with Hallowell singing – from Vermont Public Radio.  

July 2006 interview: Hallowell on Vermont Public Radio

Other Hospice Choirs in the News:

Singers Bring Comfort To The Dying

Click here for a link to a March 2007 article in the Times Argus

Journey Song: Making A Difference

Read here about the New Hampshire hospice choir, Journey Song:   Journey Song Shares Gift Of Music With Hospice Patients

California “Threshold Choirs”

Read this article about California based Threshold Choirs: Choirs Support and Comfort Those at Life’s Thresholds